1960s dating game

02-Aug-2017 17:46

The last gift spawned something else entirely -- the 1960s introduced us to computer dating. The 1960s sport carried many of the same hazards and thrills as virtual matchmaking today.

Computers did exist in the '60s, in some form -- not personal computers, but computers nonetheless.

When a player lands on a Question square, he or she takes a question card and reads it aloud.

The two opposite-sex players then draw Answer cards and read them aloud.

Then, he or she can wait for an opposite-sex player to arrive.

The first couple to meet at the Make a Date square wins the game.

(I probably know a good bit more than your average vintage customer but still consider my knowledge pretty amateur for a vintage dealer.) I learned enough dating tips in the first few pages I browsed to be worth the entire cost of the book!

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With sections such as "Trademarks," "Union Labels," and "WPL & RN Numbers," she provides what is easily the best book on the subject.It emphasizes the perils that, even now, many ascribe to romance via machine: Couples who meet by computer tend to be embarrassed and even hostile. It cost to sign up, and more than a million romantic souls had responded during the service's first years.magazine: "How To Be Comfortable With Computer Dating." The ad, promoting a dating service called Compatibility, strains to build credibility for the company, emphasizing its size, ethics, and the power of the service's computers ("The IBM 360/40 Computers that are used for us, we are told, will do more in an hour than a highly qualified individual can do in a year"). Computer dating also experienced transatlantic popularity -- this 1972 British ad encourages you to join "Britain's most sophisticated and successful computer dating service" to "meet your kind of people." Naturally, these services wanted to give an impression of exclusivity, some pretense that they "try to weed out the obvious social misfits" as the These dating services evolved quickly in subsequent decades.

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