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29-Jul-2017 05:11

-- The investigation widened Monday into the disappearance of a lieutenant from the Malabar volunteer fire department.

Brandy Hall has not been seen since she left the fire station Friday night.

Hall but we are working as diligently as we can to find answers. Brandy has 4 or 5 typical profiles while Jennifer has none. D=200770517The next day, a fisherman found her fire fighting gear bobbing in a pond near the Palm Bay campus of Brevard Community College.

more at the link they not think that she is in the pond or do they think that they just haven't been able to find her in there because it is so dark? They both went missing within eight months and both are single, 5'8", blonde. Her pickup truck with splotches of her blood inside was also pulled out of the murky water.

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If they were then she may have been able to crawl out of the truck. Surveillance video shows Hall left work at the Malabar Fire Station on August 17.

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One Christmas after she married her husband, major league pitcher Roy Halladay, he surprised her with a new saddle and told her to pick out a horse, something he knew she had always wanted.

Getting to the bottom of the murky lake has been as difficult as getting to the bottom of the mystery behind the disappearance of Lt. The police department spent a second day draining the lake.

Divers said it's impossible to see anything in the water, even with their underwater flashlights. -- Channel 9 obtained video Thursday of a missing Malabar firefighter. From behind the lens of several surveillance cameras scattered throughout the Malabar Fire Station, Brandy Hall's last known movements were captured. Bay police now say the case of missing firefighter Brandy Hall is "focusing on foul play," because of a significant amount of blood found in her pickup truck.

Growing up in Corvallis, Oregon, Halladay spent most of her time in the barn with her mother while she was taking classes in Equitation at Oregon State.

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“My parents were students at Oregon State and we lived on campus until I was almost 6.

In 2001 the Halladays moved to Florida and enlisted the help of Patty and Joey Shortino of Showcase Farm in Lutz, Florida.

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